About the Car Buying Guide

About the Car Buying Guide

The Car Buying Guide was written, and is maintained by, two ex-carsalespeople who worked in the Motor Trade, selling cars for a major dealership. We were the typical salespeople that you would deal with when you came to look at a new or used car.

We were trained at a residential "sales school" where we learned all about the psychology involved in selling cars - the tricks and techniques used and, most importantly, how to make the maximum amount of profit from every customer. We were very successful and, either one or the other of us, were frequently the top salesperson of the month.

We used to warn our friends and family about the things that went on in car dealerships - the tricks and techniques that were used to "manipulate" customers and how we used to go to the pub after work and laugh about how much profit we made from each customer.

It was therefore always a great disappointment when someone we knew would tell us that they had "just got a great deal" from this dealer or that dealer, how they had got a great price for their part exchange or that they had got a great finance deal. In spite of our warnings and advice, they had fallen prey to the very car sales tricks that we had tried to warn them about!

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We began to realise that people are funny when it comes to changing their cars... pride often gets in the way. Everyone likes to think they know how to get a good deal and few people can accept that they may have got a bad deal!

There are many women selling cars and men are suckers when it comes to dealing with them. WE are not being sexist but - how many men would think that a saleswoman could get the better of them in negotiating a car deal?

For this reason, women are often better at selling cars than men - male customers are even more easily "manipulated" and female customers often feel more comfortable dealing with a woman... whilst the saleswoman "fleeces" them both!

In the end, we started writing notes and instructions for friends and family... as a result we started saving them hundreds and hundreds of pounds... and this evolved into the Car Buying Guide that you can now read on this website.

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