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"Everyone should read this Car Buying Guide...
                   ...before they buy their next new or used car"

Buying A Car ?

Think back to when bought your last car from a dealer. Did you think you got a good deal? We bet you did… that is… we bet you THOUGHT you did!

Car dealers always make as much money from you as they possibly can - but are expert in making you believe that you got a good deal.

They will always make you think that they had to put together such a fabulous deal to get your business that they are almost losing money. You have just made them a huge profit... and they actually make you feel good about it!

Read our free Car Buying Guide now and get the best deal by understanding the tactics that dealers use. Just follow the menu at the left...

Ever wondered why, once you have agreed a deal, the dealer asks you if you mind what price your car comes in at "on paper"? Think it's just an accounting fiddle for them? Nope, it means you have been had! Read the Car Buying Guide and find out how to avoid been taken in like this.

When you buy your next car, isn't it time that you really did get a good deal? The Car Buying Guide will show you how.

Suppose you are looking at two cars in two different garages - new car, used car, it doesn't matter:

Which is the best deal? Who, if not all, are pulling the wool over your eyes about one or more aspects of the deal? Do you want to be confident in making the decision and to be able to get a better deal from any dealer?

The free Car Buying Guide makes it easy... it won't matter how much the car sales person says he can give you for your car and you will learn how to spot a good (and bad!) finance deal.

You will also learn about all the clever tactics that car sales people use. You will be able to see through ANY tactics that are used and understand exactly what is (and isn't) being offered so you will be in a much stronger position to negotiate a better deal.

Car Sales

Most car sales people are highly trained and are expert at dealing with people like you. They are trained to make as much profit from you as they possibly can - and with so many different factors involved in "the deal" it is easy for the car sales person to pull the wool over your eyes... how much are you REALLY getting for your car?... how much are they REALLY charging you for their car?... are you REALLY getting a good finance deal?... are you getting any discount, if so, how much?

The Car Buying Guide explains how you can tell what price you are really getting for your car, which is normally always different to what the car sales person tells you!

You go through this car buying process once every 1, 2, or 3 years. Car sales people do it several times every day! With the greatest respect to you - who do you think will be better at dealing? Plus, most car sales people are "controlled" by the sales manager, the ultimate expert in... selling cars - yes... but also in making profit FROM YOU! They are all also expert in making you feel (relatively) good about your new purchase, but how can you be sure you have not been "stitched up".

You will learn from the Car Buying Guide how to avoid making this sort of mistake - and get a better deal.

Car sales people are taught that "There is nothing immoral in profit" and, to a degree, if someone gets the car they want at a price they can afford... what's wrong with that? However, what if that person paid far more than they needed to? What if that person was you? (Sorry, but it probably IS you!)

Stop this happening... read the free Car Buying Guide before you buy your next car.

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Car Buying Guide

The Car Buying Guide is NOT about buying a car from a specific garage, website or dealer, nor is it about buying a car from overseas. It doesn't tell you what car you should buy, where you should buy it from, what cars are good or what cars are bad.

This Car Buying Guide is simply about buying the car YOU want from the place YOU want to buy it from. The Car Buying Guide gives you the knowledge to see through whatever sales tactics are used on you so that you can get a much better deal.

This free car buying guide has been written by two experienced car salespeople and gives you the inside information about how a car "deal" works. It gives you the knowledge to understand how all the factors work and gives the control back to you.

You will have the confidence to properly and accurately compare one car deal to another and REALLY know how to negotiate a better deal!

Read the free Car Buying Guide now and pay less for your next car.


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