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Buying A New Car ?

This free Car Buying Guide shows you how to handle car sales people when you are buying a new car. It teaches you how car sales people work and shows you, step-by-step, how to negotiate the best deal.

New Car Prices

It's easy to get the list price for any new car you want to buy but should you expect to buy the car at that price? With a new car, how much discount should you try for?

The dealer has to make a fair profit when you buy a new car but are you confident that you will get a fair deal... for you?

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Generally, car sales people (and especially the sales managers!) selling new cars in the main dealerships have more training and are better skilled at dealing. They use a range of clever tactics designed to get you to buy their new car and yet, at the same time, almost seem to become your best friend. However, their main concern is making as much profit from YOU as they can... and they do... and they even make you feel good about it!

This free Car Buying Guide gives you an understanding of many of the tactics car sales people use when you are buying a new car and, even more importantly, gives you a simple method of handling whatever tactics are used so that you maintain control throughout the process of buying a new car.

What does this mean to you? You will be able to get a better deal than you would otherwise - it's as simple as that!

There is so much you have to try to keep an eye on - all at once:

It is SO EASY for trained car sales people to deflect you from one or more of these areas by offering you something (apparently!) good in another. At best you are being manipulated, at worst, there is a very good chance that you are having the wool pulled over your eyes and being "stiched up".

The Car Buying Guide is NOT about buying a new car from a specific garage, website or dealer, nor is it about buying a new car from overseas. It is simply about buying the new car YOU want from the place YOU want to buy it from. The Car Buying Guide gives you the knowledge to see through whatever sales tactics are used on you so that you can get a much better deal.

The methods you will learn from the Car Buying Guide are simple, easy to use and put you firmly in control so that you can negotiate a better deal when you buy a new car.

What is the best price for your car?

The free Car Buying Guide shows you what price you will really get for your car when you trade it in... no - the price you will REALLY get... it may surprise you because it is sure to be a lot less than you think! You can then still trade in your car as part of the deal at any garage, but, remove the complication of what price you get for your car from the dealing process - this really takes the wind out of the sales person's sails - again, making it easier for you to compare deals and get the BEST deal.

Good car finance deals?

If you're not careful you can easily be sold finance at "less than favourable" terms and not realise it. How do you compare a zero percent finance deal at one garage with a normal finance deal at another? This Car Buying Guide shows you how and at the same time explodes the myth of zero percent finance! Do people REALLY give you money for nothing?

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