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How to say No ⇦ Car Discount

Get the best discount on your new car

They will probably be able to do the deal you are asking for but, quite simply, they won’t WANT to because that would mean making less profit and they will think they can get more profit from you…

… however, they also want to sell LOTS of cars – they want to sell YOU the car you are interested in and they WILL give you discount. You must remember that they will only go as far as they absolutely have to go to get you to buy it. How much discount they give depends on your negotiating skills.

Look at it this way:-

Suppose a dealer has 3 identical, brand new cars, list price £9995.

On Monday a potential buyer walks in, he has no part exchange. The buyer likes one of the cars and wants to buy it. Not knowing any better, thinking that the price is… the price… he agrees to pay the £9995 (it does happen - occasionally!). Is the dealer going to say “NO, don’t pay that, we want to give you some discount”? – of course not, they will sell the car for the full £9995 and the salesperson will get a huge pat on the back from the, very happy, Salesmanager.

On Tuesday another potential buyer walks in, again, no part exchange. He likes the second car and wants to buy it but doesn’t want to pay as much as £9995 so he haggles, he negotiates, he pushes for as much discount as he thinks he can get and ends up offering to sign an order, there and then, if he can get the car for, let’s say, £9100. Is the dealer going to think “Well, we sold one for £9995 yesterday so we won’t sell one for less than that”? No, yesterday is already history and they want to sell another car today so, the chances are, they will agree to it – perhaps they will push this buyer up to £9200.

The next day they might sell the other car for, say, £9500.

Different Levels of Discount for the same car!

That’s how it works. They will always want to sell a car to the potential customer in front of them at that moment - and whilst they will TRY to make as much profit as possibly they can, but they WILL give more discount when pushed. Exactly the same applies with used cars. Exactly the same applies when you have a part exchange car as well, there are just more factors involved in the deal then, so we have kept the above examples simple.

Another clever thing that would have happened in the above 3 examples is that the dealer will make each of the three buyers feel that they have got a good deal and great discount. The salesperson would probably congratulate each buyer and tell them that they got a really good deal. (Well… perhaps not the sucker who paid full price!) It’s all part of the psychology of manipulating the buyer.

No-one likes to feel that they are gullible and everyone likes to think that they got a good deal. The chances are, if you tell a friend about the deal you just got on your new car: that friend will tell you that you could have done better if you went to “this” dealer or bought “that” car and this makes you doubt the deal you got. The dealer knows that kind of thing happens and by telling you that you DID get a good deal, even before you leave the showroom, this helps convince you that you did.

In our 3 examples above, the dealer will make sure that all three buyers leave the showroom feeling equally good about the deal they just got and yet one paid £9995, one £9200 and the other £9500… all different levels of discount... all for exactly the same car! The one who paid £9995 is certainly gullible/stupid but what about the one who paid £9500? With a bit more effort he could have got more discount and saved himself at least another £300!!

Push for the best possible discount

So, a dealer WILL give a good discount when pushed… but you have got to push, and push, and push if you are going to get the best deal. There is obviously a limit as to how much discount they can give but it will be a lot more than you think – they will ALWAYS make a good profit, regardless of what they say to you - so don’t ever be afraid to push for more!

Once you have found the car you want to buy… stay there until you get the deal you want... keep pushing for more discount – you won’t get a better price for your car somewhere else. You can be happy to give them your name, go along with the sales patter, the flannel and the stories you will get told (as long as you completely disregard them!), you can drink their coffee and let them take your keys. As long as you agree to sign up there and then if you get the deal and discount you want, you will be able to push them harder and harder and you will be pleasantly surprised how much discount you really can get.

Let other people pay over the odds for their cars – you now know better and can do better!

Keep your nerve and good luck…

How to say No ⇦ Car Discount