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Buying A Used Car ?

This free Car Buying Guide shows you how to handle car sales people when you are buying a used car. It teaches you all about the tactics that car sales people use, how they try to maipulate and control you and shows you, step-by-step, how to negotiate the best deal.

Used Car Prices

Buying a used car is slightly trickier than buying a new car simply because there is no list price to go on. Yes, you can consult one of the many used car price guides available so that you will have an idea of what price you should find on the windscreen of any particular car in a garage. However, you don't know what the garage paid for it so you don't know how much profit the garage has in that car. So... how much discount could you reasonably expect the garage to give you?

The more they offer you for your car, the less discount you will get. What they give you with one hand, they will take away with the other. You don't know how much profit they have to play with, in the used car you are buying, so you are working completely in the dark. Then they might take your mind off things like that by talking different finance deals - what the payments will be monthly or, worse still, what the weekly payments will be. This is all designed to divert your attention from some important aspect of the deal - you are being manipulated, possibly even conned.

You need to know exactly what is going on and this is what this free Car Buying Guide shows you.

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Car trade-in values

Have you ever agreed a deal on a car and then the car sales person asks you if you mind what price your car "comes in at... on paper" as long as you only spend what they have previously agreed with you? If so, you have been had! You have been manipulated and probably not got a good enough deal.

The free Car Buying Guide shows you how to understand the true value of your trade-in so that you don't get hung up on how much you are being offered. You will still be able to trade-in your car but, when you understand what you are getting for your car, you will be able to see how good a deal you are being REALLY offered and you will be able to more accuratley compare one garage's deal to another... and negotiate a better deal for the used car of your choice.

Why does the salesmanager sometimes go and have a look at your car when it has already been appraised by the car sales person? Are they trying to find a reason to give you more for it? NO! Are they trying to find a reason to give you less for it? NO! This is simply one of the clever tactics that they use on you.

The Car Buying Guide explains this, and many other, tactics that you will come across and gives you a simple method of handling whatever tactics are used so that you maintain control throughout the process of buying a used car.

What does this mean to you? You will be able to get a better deal than you would otherwise - it's as simple as that!

The methods you will learn from the Car Buying Guide are simple, easy to use and put you firmly in control so that you can negotiate a better deal on a used car.

The Car Buying Guide is NOT about buying a used car from a specific garage, website or dealer, nor is it about buying a car from overseas. It is simply about buying the used car YOU want from the place YOU want to buy it from. The Car Buying Guide gives you the knowledge to see through whatever sales tactics are used on you so that you can get a much better deal.

Good car finance deals?

If you're not careful you can easily be sold finance at "less than favourable" terms and not realise it. How do you compare a zero percent finance deal at one garage with a normal finance deal at another? This Car Buying Guide shows you how and at the same time explodes the myth of zero percent finance! Do people REALLY give you money for nothing?

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