Car Price Guides

Using Car Price Guides

Here are the most well known car price guides... they are useful but do you really know how to use them PROPERLY to get the best deal?

It's all very well knowing how much you should get for your car, and how much you might have to pay for another, but these figures are just "starting figures"! You need to know how to negotiate hard and not get taken in by car salespeople's tactics and stories.

Read our FREE Car Buying Guide and use it in conjunction with your favourite car price guide... it will change the way you deal with car salespeople forever... just follow the menu at the left...

The Car Price Guides are not as straightforward as you might think...
... see our help on How to Value Your Car

Car Price Guides

Glass's Guide

Glass's Car Price Guide is the one that 9 out of 10 car dealers use when you take your car as a part exchange - you will see them looking up your car in their copy of Glass's Guide. It is the way they value your car. For many years, it was kept as a "trade secret" and the public - you and I - were not allowed to see it!

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