Negotiating With The Salesmanager

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How to deal with the salesperson and the salesmanager

As we have already seen, you deal with a salesperson face to face but he/she often goes away to talk to the Salesmanager. This invariably leads to the hard-man/soft-man routine where the salesperson is your “friend” trying to get you the best deal he can from the “hard” Salesmanager. This, in itself, is a good tactic from their point of view: it makes you think that you have got someone “on your side”, working for you.

This is quite subtle and psychological… imagine if there was no Salesmanager and you were dealing with a salesperson and THEY were the person that said “No” to you. Straight away this would create, if not a confrontation, then certainly an amount of tension between you and the salesperson and would probably make you want to go elsewhere.

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