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How to give yourself a great reason to say “No”

Many people find it difficult to “negotiate” – to say “No” to a particular deal again and again and counter each with an offer to buy at a different price. If you don’t think you are very good at negotiating in this way and coming up with reasons why you don’t want to do a particular deal they are offering you, here is another good tactic you can use.

You really need a good and believable reason why you should be saying “No” to the offers that they come up with. It’s far better than simply saying “No” and just demanding a better deal – which IS a bit blunt! In the same way that the salesperson or salesmanager will seldom say “No” to you WITHOUT giving you a reason, before asking you to spend more.

Neither you, nor they, want to “lose face” so you don’t want to be too blunt to them and they will not want to be too blunt to you. Each time either of you says “No”, it should be followed by a reason and then a counter offer of a deal at whatever price.

We are sure you can come up with your own, but if you can’t – try this: -

When you first go in to the dealer’s tell them you are interested in a less expensive car than the one you ARE actually interested in. After having a look round it, sitting in it and talking about it with the salesperson, you can then say that you don’t like it after all (for whatever reason).

Say that you are sorry but it’s not for you and start to walk away… then, almost as an afterthought, ask them if they have anything slightly better/different or, better still, point to the car that you are actually interested in and say something like “So what’s that one then?”

The salesperson will have thought that he has lost his chance with you but then, suddenly, there is another chance. You can then start all over again with this other car. The salesperson WILL tell the salesmanager what has happened – that you have decided against the car you originally came to see but that you are now interested in a different one.

The real benefit of starting out on this, admittedly strange, path comes later when you get to the nitty-gritty close of the sale… (and make sure you do keep it until near the very end of your negotiating!). When/if you run out of other negotiating tactics you can remind them that you originally came in to look at a cheaper car and you can (quite honestly!) say that you can’t afford to do the deal at the price they are offering because you never intended to buy that particular car as it is more expensive than the one you came in to look at and you hadn’t budgeted for that sort of outlay.

They can’t argue with that because they know it’s “true”!

Now, we are not saying that they will suddenly give you £100’s more discount but, it gives you a “genuine” reason to ask for a better deal. It’s a reason that you can stick to, and repeat, again and again, as often as necessary whilst asking them to better what they are offering.

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Power of Silence ⇦ How to say NO! ⇨ Car Discount